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Regulatory documents

Laws and regulations
Technical regulations of the Russian Federation (4)
Federal (Russian) laws (4)
State standards of the Russian Federation (GOST R and GOST) (165)
European Standards (EN) (135)
International standards (ISO, IEC) (7)
Национальные стандарты зарубежных стран (ANSI, ANSI/ARI-США, BS-Англия, NF-Франция, DIN-Германия, JIS-Япония, СТБ-Беларусь, СТРК-Казахстан) (75)
The standards and specifications of enterprises and organizations (STF, STR, TU) (6)
Departmental regulations
Labor safety instructions (TI, TOI, DD) (36)
Regulations of Rostekhnadzor (PB) (5)
Sanitary rules and regulations (SNIP) (2)
Building regulations of Russia (SanPin) (4)
Other (1)

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