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Machine building for food indastry
Machinery and equipment for the dairy industry (3)
Equipment for fish industry (1)
Refrigeration and freeze for the food indastry (11)
Assembly, operation and repairs of compressors (1)
General information (1)
Theory, research, design. questions of analysis and design of refrigeration compressors (8)
Cryogenic equipment (13)
Centrifugal, axial flow and jet pumps (2)
Positive displacement pumps (piston, gear, other) (1)
Ventilation and air conditioning equipment
Fans (6)
Ionizers (2)
Air conditioners (8)
Ventilation systems and their components (5)
Air conditioning plants (17)
Air cleaning devices (4)
Air temperature and humidity control (2)
Heat exchangers (86)
Machine building for trade and public catering
Cold stores and cold rooms (1)
Household appliances (38)
Technologies and equipment for refrigeration engineering
Vacuum devices (2)
General information (1)
Processes in refrigeration systems and plants
Fluid mechanics (1)
General information (7)
Thermal power plants. Thermal engineering (19)
Fluid physics. Thermodynamics and statistical physics (4)
Refrigeration plants
Assembly, operation and repairs of refrigeration plants (2)
Components of refrigeration plants (17)
Theory, researches, calculation, designing and testing of refrigeration plants (27)
Pipes and pipe fittings of refrigeration systems and equipment. laying of pipelines (7)
Components and schemes of refrigeration plants (62)
Refrigerants. Coolants. Refrigeration oils (11)
General information for engineers and managers
Control of environmental pollution (1)
Other (155)

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